Learn Spanish in The Sacred Valley


Taray is a small village in the heart of the Sacred Valley, next to Pisac, where one can experience true immersion in the Peruvian lifestyle and learn the beautiful language of Spanish at the same time! Engage with the local people that live in this quaint little town out in the Sacred Valley and take part in experiencing the true life of Peru.

Taray is about 40 km's or a 45 minute bus ride from the town of Cusco. The climate is warmer than in Cusco due to the lower altitude (2800 meters) and is a lovely spot to enjoy the relaxing and tranquil atmosphere that the town provides.

The AMAUTA School & Residence building is located about 20-25 minutes walk from the Plaza de Armas in Pisac, with beautiful views of snow peaked mountains (the Huancalle and the Piturisay) and typical houses. While studying at the Amauta School and Residence in Taray, students can sit back and relax into their studies. With the surroundings of the majestic mountains, the sounds of the babbling river, and the smells of campfires in the distance, students will leave Taray only wanting more of what they just experienced.

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