Learn Spanish in The Sacred Valley


AMAUTA SPANISH SCHOOL - SACRED VALLEY Yanahuara is a small village in the heart of the Sacred Valley, next to Urubamba, where one can experience true immersion in the Peruvian lifestyle and learn the beautiful Spanish language at the same time! Engage with the local people in Peru that live in this quaint little town out in the Sacred Valley, learn Spanish quickly and take part in experiencing the true life of Peru, at only a few kilometers of the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu!

Yanahuara is about a 90 minute bus ride from the town of the capital of the formar Inca Empire Cusco. The climate is warmer than in Cusco due to the lower altitude (2800 meters) and is a lovely spot to study Spanish and to enjoy the relaxing and tranquil atmosphere that this valley provides. This is the perfect place for a total Spanish immersion and experience the stunning beauty of this impressive valley.

Our Spanish School is located about 15 minutes bus ride from Urubamba and Ollantaytambo, with beautiful views of snow peaked mountains and typical houses. While studying at our language school, students can sit back and relax into their studies. With the surroundings of the majestic mountains, the sounds of the babbling river, and the smells of campfires in the distance, students will leave the village only wanting more of what they just experienced. Interesting extracurricular activities such as a traditional Andean ceremony with an inca shaman as well as lectures about Inca cultur and excursions to impressive ruins and tourist attractions. There are also excellent options for volunteer work in the region.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley is one of the most impressive, rich and spiritual places on earth where ancient cultures combine with breathtaking scenery.
Amauta School in the Sacred Valley includes excursions (hike to the salt mines in Maras and a tour of the old Inca town and ruins of Ollantaytambo), a bonfire, three meals from Monday to Friday, a farewell gathering... Learn more »

Adventure Travel

It is no wonder that Peru has some of the best whitewater rivers in the world. What better way to encounter some amazing scenery as the Andes plunge down into the beautiful canyons of the Upper Amazon. Learn more »
If giving your legs a good workout is your thing, then the Sacred Valley and Cusco area is where you want to be to get out and stretch your legs among the fantastic mountain scenery. Learn more »

Spanish Program

Wouldn't it be wonderful to escape the hustle and bustle of life and relax in a tranquil setting all while learning immersing yourself in a new language? AMAUTA Sacred Valley is the perfect place to escape the worries of life, sit back and gaze at the surrounding mountains, and open up your mind to the fantastic world of Spanish. Learn more »

Volunteer Program

For those who are interested in volunteering, there are so many opportunities to put your language and your cultural experience into practice.
With options including social work, tourism and cultural work, the Sacred Valley is a great starting place to work with the people. Learn more »

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