Spanish lessons in the Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley, Perú

Spanish Lessons in the Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley is a unique destination for a Spanish immersion course in Peru, where you can study in a tranquil setting while learning a new language. Our Spanish school is the perfect place! Due to the lower altitude, the climate here is warmer than in Cusco, providing ample opportunities to study Spanish outside and embark on outdoor adventures. Here you can explore Peru as it is and absorb the culture and the world around you.

Our school offers customized tuition at the level and pace that suits your personal goals. We work with an interactive and communicative teaching method. You can combine your Spanish lessons in the Sacred Valley with the Spanish courses at our Cusco school.

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The Spanish lessons include free student activities, all lesson materials, a certificate, and a welcome meeting. We offer day trips at a low rate, so you can go and visit the salt mines in Maras, the fortress in Urubamba, or visit Pisac, join a beautiful day hike in the hills, or join a traditional Peruvian dishes cooking class.

The Spanish classes in the Sacred Valley take place either in the (early) morning or in the (late) afternoon, giving you time to explore the valley. Our Spanish courses are for all Spanish skill levels

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Spanish Group Courses
Study spanish in Cusco Peru

You can join one of our Spanish group courses at different levels. You will learn how to read, write, speak and understand Spanish–either for the first time or to further develop your Spanish proficiency. There is a maximum of six students per group, from complete beginners to very advanced students. Students do a placement test before arrival.

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Individual Spanish Lessons
visit Machu Picchu

You can also opt for more personalized Spanish instruction with Individual Spanish lessons, tailored to your needs and interests. We recommend individual Spanish lessons to students looking for a customized learning experience (refresher course, survival Spanish, conversation classes, Spanish for underage students, a brief survey of Spanish, etc.).

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Best of Both (combined Spanish course)
Hikiing Sacred Valley Peru

Thanks for this combined course, you can take advantage of fun, dynamic Spanish group classes, where you learn and practice with classmates, in combination with the personal attention you can only get from private lessons. Study 4, 5 or 5 hours a day for a full Spanish immersion experience in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

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Quechua classes
Salineras in Maras Cusco

Join this unique course in the original language of the Incas, Runasimi, or Quechua to receive an insight on the rich traditional Peruvian culture. The locals will greatly appreciate your efforts and knowing words in Quechua will immediately open doors for you. Quechua is not an easy language to learn, and an intermediate level of Spanish is required. However, the course is entirely communicative-oriented, and in a short time, you will learn and understand slowly spoken sentences. Min. 10 hours; subject to availability.

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Spanish and spirituality
Ruines Chincheros Sacred Valley

Peru is one of the most spiritual places on earth. With this unique program, Spanish & Spirituality, you will learn Spanish and discover the culture and the ceremonial activities and rituals of the Andean world. Learn Spanish and discover the fascinating beliefs of the Inca people in our engaging 2-week program, Spanish & Spirituality in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Included: Spanish classes, accommodation, activities, a trek to Machu Picchu with a spiritual guide, and meals.

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Spanish and Yoga
Inca trail hike to Machu Picchu

Learn Spanish and Yoga in Peru. Our Spanish schools in Cusco and the Sacred Valley are the perfect, inspiring places for a Spanish & Yoga retreat. Nurture yourself with our Spanish, yoga & tour program. Participants join our communicative Spanish Group Course. You will feel the fantastic atmosphere of the Sacred Valley and enjoy the peace and rural life in a typical, Andean village. The yoga classes take place in a yoga studio, or outdoors, overlooking the impressive valley.

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Why Learn Spanish in the Sacred Valley in Peru

Our students tell us there is a difference between “studying Spanish" and "learning Spanish." Learning and starting to speak Spanish is more than memorizing Spanish vocabulary, reviewing grammar, and learning verb tenses." Many things you cannot learn in class or from a book. Being there where the language is spoken is the key, and the experience is the real teacher". Through this technique, you speed up comprehension, and through daily usage, you begin to actually live the Spanish language.

To learn Spanish in Peru, you may have temporarily left your job, family, or school responsibilities. If you choose to live in a small, quiet village in the Sacred Valley, this means that now you can focus 100 percent on learning Spanish without distractions other than the beauty and nature that surround you.

Everything else will contribute to learning Spanish. Whether you study in Cusco or in the Sacred Valley, when you are catching a bus, ordering a meal, shopping at the local market in Urubamba, or talking to the people, all will give you a 24-hour learning environment.

Our Spanish instructors give time to the subjects of your passion during free conversation time. So whether your passion is food, art, travel, or history, we offer a Spanish program in the Sacred Valley that will allow you to pursue those interests while you learn Spanish.

Compared to many home-country Spanish courses, your Spanish classes in Peru will cost less, even when airfare, lodging, and meals are considered. While considering your career goals, take into account that many advanced degree programs and some of your future potential employers require foreign languages and international exposure or experience.

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Levels of Spanish

There are four levels (with consequent sublevels) following the curriculum of the Instituto Cervantes and their equivalents in the Council of Europe. Each level takes between five and eight weeks to complete in full. Interested students can combine their lessons in different locations in Peru. For instance, you spend a week or two in our Spanish School in the Sacred Valley and then head over to Cusco, Tambopata, or Lima. Studying Spanish in multiple locations in Peru will give you a full scope of the language and open you up to the various people and cultures that speak Spanish.

Beginners (A1+A2)

This level is for those without any knowledge of the Spanish Language. Upon completion, you will be able to formulate and understand short sentences relating to basic necessities and forms of politeness.

Intermediate (B1)

The B1 level will bring you to a higher level of comprehension and expression in Spanish. As a result, you will be able to express yourself, perhaps sometimes with a little difficulty, but usually spontaneously and independently, in everyday situations.

Advanced (B2)

You will have advanced communication ability, even in complicated situations. In addition, you will work extensively on past tenses and will be introduced to the subjunctive.

Superior (C1+C2)

At this level, you will clear up minor imperfections and refine your Spanish pronunciation and intonation. You can now communicate in Spanish, without difficulty, with native Spanish speakers. Errors and deficiencies in Spanish grammar structures that still exist will be corrected.