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The Spanish Program

the spanish program Wouldn't it be wonderful to escape the hustle and bustle of life and relax in a tranquil setting all while learning immersing yourself in a new language? AMAUTA SACRED VALLEY is the perfect place to escape the worries of life, sit back and gaze at the surrounding mountains, and open up your mind to the fantastic world of Spanish. Due to the lower altitude, the climate here is warmer than in Cusco providing ample opportunities to study outside or embark on outdoor adventures. Here you can explore Peru as it is and absorb the culture and the world around you.

Our school offers you customized tuition at the level and pace especially suited to your personal goals. Our school is known for its interactive, communicative and personal teaching methods. All standard programs include group instruction at our school in the Sacred Valley and can be used in combination with private classes at our school in Cusco. Additional hours can be arranged for.

Free student activities are included in all programs as well as all lesson materials, a student discount card, a certificate and a walking tour in town during the first day. There are nice excursions for the students like going to the salt mines in Maras, a beautiful hike in the hills and a traditional Peruvian dishes cooking class.

Interactive, Communicative Teaching

Successfully implementing the interactive method totally depends on the personal attention your teacher is able to give you. Therefore, our groups are small and all courses are (super) intensive. The make-up of the group is determined according to the students’ abilities; the first day of the course begins with an oral and written placement test.


There are four levels (with consequent sublevels), in accordance with the curriculum of the Instituto Cervantes and their equivalents in the Council of Europe. Each level takes between five and eight weeks to complete in full. Students who are interested can combine their lessons in different locations. Spend a week or two in our location in the Sacred Valley and then head over to Cusco, Tambopata or to Buenos Aires. Studying Spanish in multiple locations will give you a full scope of the language and open you up to the multiple cultures that speak the language.

Beginners (A1+A2)

For those without any knowledge of the Spanish Language. Upon completion, the student will be able to formulate and understand short sentences relating to basic necessities and forms of politeness.

Intermediate (B1)

This course will bring the student to a higher level of comprehension and expression. The students will be able to express themselves, perhaps sometimes with a little difficulty, but usually spontaneously and independently, in everyday situations. This level includes arevison of basic structures and an extension of grammatical structures (past tenses).
The Spanish Class in Sacred Valley

Advanced (B2)

The student will have advanced communication ability, even in complicated situations. The student will work extensively on past tenses and will be introduced to the subjunctive.

Superior (C1+C2)

Clearing up minor imperfections. Refining pronunciation and intonation. The student will communicate, without difficulty, with people who are native Spanish speakers. Errors and deficiencies in grammar structures that still exist will be corrected.
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